Monday, November 3, 2008

Treasure the Wonder

Yesterday we heard a wonderful sermon at church. I love going to church...I wish there could be church everyday as I seem to learn so much from the words of our Pastor. Ulimately, he is elaborating on HIS life to it, "translating" it for us, putting it in words that we can relate to. Pastor Dan challenged us to be "radically obedient" and to follow the "prompts" that the Holy Spirit gives to us. How easy is it to brush those aside? To not "listen" to what He wants us to do? One way to tell if the prompt is from the Holy Spirit is if it is in line with the words of the Bible. I don't know lots about the bible...I wish I did. I will time. This I commit...I long to understand more of God's word....I "treasure the wonder" of it as Beth Moore stated in a recent simulcast I attended. The bible is something that needs to be treasured. I will treasure the word of God! I will respect the word of God! And I am excited to see how our lives will be radically different in understanding God breathed words of life!

So, every morning I have this little I have can choose to "ignore" quite easily nowadays. Once things are settled with the kiddies I sit at the kitchen table and open up the lap top and go and check out my favorite blogs, check email and look on facebook. This is almost a routine for me. Yuck! How is this behavior taking precedence over my desire to learn more about our Heavenly Father and how he wants us to live our life? Why? Maybe because it is is a "no-brainer"....well no more! I am commiting to putting the Word of God at the forefront of my day! I still may go and check out stuff on the computer...but not before the Word of God. In Timothy 3:16 it says that all scripture is God-breathed..."God breathed a soul into Adam, same God when He speaks His word, it is life to us!" That is the life I want!!!!

I praise you Lord. How wonderful your Word is in so many ways. I pray Lord for desire for your Word...every day...I want to hear your voice Lord...I want to know more about You and how you want me to live. I long for your word to be sewn into my heart so please help me retain what I do learn. Thanks ROCK!


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I totally ditto you on this post! I've made a rule for myself that I cannot go to the computer until I'm done my prayer and Bible time (it's just too tempting, and next thing I know the busy-ness of the day has taken over).

Nice coffee cup, by the way. :)