Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shutterbug dad here.....

Well.... Its been awhile since I've snooped onto my lovely wife's blog as many of you call it.
Its funny, I actually learn a lot about my little," tasty peach" as I read her blogs. (When you see her next time you'll have to ask her where that nickname came from, ha ha its too funny) I know how it is, personal reflection looks different to a each person. I've also learned over the years that my wife is a thinker. I'm a talker, (hmmm, big surprise there hey?) I use to sit and wonder why, when I would have all these revelations or God thoughts and share them with Shaun, she'd give me the ,"Uhmmm", thing. Slowly, I've realized that usually God has been speaking similar things to her, she just needs more time to process. Time to re-think. When I'm on the 102nd page of the book, she's getting past the acknowledgements. Get my drift? What I've also noticed is that, when she,"gets it", it sticks. For me, I tend to move to the next chapter, before I've fully picked up what Gods laying down for me.

This week, I have the ultimate privilege of looking after two of the three most important young men of my life. Shauna and Aidan have ventured off to New Brunswick to visit one of Shauna's life-long friends, Ginette. (I hope you guys have a fabulous time there. If you lived in Hawaii, trust me I would not be staying home!!!!) I'm so glad that Aidan gets to spend almost a full week with mom. I know ever since I came into the picture, when Aidan had just turned 4. He was all Shauna had and they did everything together. Now that Aidan is getting into the,"Maybe girls don't have germs after all", stage in life, Shauna can sometimes feel that her connection with him is somewhat changing. Not wrong, just different as we`ve been learning in our life group study, Love and Respect. So thank-you God for the good find on the flights

Anyway, the faint smell of Eau D stinky bum is in the air and that should be my cue to take care of some stinky business. You know what they say...... a mans work is never done!!!!!!! I ll keep you posted


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Ha! Good job, Dad. It's funny how the joy of running in endless circles is at the heart of every child (that is also a favourite activity in our house).

Shauna - have fun, girl!

Anonymous said...

Great post Wes- you should do this more often!
Thank you for finding the tickets- You'll all have to come next time, and I'll try to find some surf for you out here!