Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Man Shaun

Well this "little man" is now 4 years old. He is my best friend Ginette's son and his name is Shaun. Yup, I like to say he is my namesake, even though his parents might not agree :) He has quite the little personality and I had the opportunity to get to know him a little better as we visited them in Shediac, New Brunswick. By the end of the trip he let Aidan and I give him a "hug sandwich"....he was the ham (as he chose) and Aidan and I were the bread...one on each side of him and we gently squish him to make a sandwich...it is a fun way to give a hug...I challenge you to try it...how else do 3 people hug??

One of my favorite photos from the trip as we were leaving the beach one day...notice his fingers...he was being an "alasaurus" dinosaur as he walked through the tall grass at the beach. What a sweetheart!!


mom on a mission said...

Awe.... where did you find that picture?!?! He was so small... but he still had a lot of hair!!
I like that photo too- too bad he had his coat on... oh, if only things were 'perfect' for every picture!
Thanks for taking so many pictures of the kids. Maybe next time we're together I can convince all of them to take a family picture.... hmmm someday!

mom on a mission said...

... of course we named him after you!!! (Shaun Rodos.... how much closer can you get to Shauna Rose????) :)