Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Buzz Boyz"

So, here are the BUZZ BROTHERS...I gave all three of them a "buzz cut" last night. First Aidan asked me to take him for a haircut...and I said I would, then he asked me "can I get a buzz cut?" I said "sure" (he used to have them all the time when he was small). Then I thought I should save the money and use our clippers and do it. Wes just bought a new set from Costco, here is the perfect opportunity to use them. Well they got a good work out that night. After Addison heard that Aidan wanted a haircut..well he couldn't stop asking for a haircut too. (Last time we took Addison to the Locker Room for a haircut it cost us $16...crazy!) Then I just decided Asher needed one too, he actually needed a haircut the most as his hair was fly-away crazy. He needed it the most and he definitely screamed the most during the process. are our boys! Oh how I love them....