Monday, February 23, 2009

Engagement Photos

Here are Chad & Emma, a cute little couple in our small group!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, lately my little Wild Child has been sooo easy to photograph. He gets excited when I tell him we are "getting ready" to take some pictures. I am thankful that at least one of my kids will pose for me. Asher is out of the question for any type of "sit still for 10 seconds or more" but I remember a time around this time last year that Addison was the same way so that gives me hope. I asked Aidan the other day if I could take some photos of him to build a portfolio and he did say "yes" so I have to get on that.

This weekend is the start of some Saturday photography classes for me and I am also taking a couple's engagement photos which I am excited about too! Here is a couple photos of my "little photographer"...if only he knew where to put his eye...well I will give him a little slack, he isn't even 3 yet :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Theatre Experience

Well, being that it is Family Day and all I thought it might be fun to try to go to the movie at the theatre. I was flying solo as Wes was heading to a night shift tonight and wanted a little relaxation time before heading out for the 14 hour stint. We dropped Asher off at my parents (oh my you should hear him scream lately...another blog entry entirely) and then Aidan, Addison and I went to Park Plaza theatre to watch "Hotel For Dogs." This was Addison's first time in a theatre and he was pretty excited...especially for popcorn. Well of course I had to bring my camera to capture this "first."

What was the first movie you watched in a theatre? Mine was Gremlins...I went with my dad, my uncle and my cousin.

So, all worked out alright overall. Addison did pee in his pants while we waited in line for the concession. I think he was way too excited playing with all the toy guns that are attached to the video games and I saw him do the "stance" and I knew it was too late. So, he sat with wet pants and underwear through the movie but didn't appear too uncomfortable as he gobbled handfuls of popcorn. I have learned maybe I should carry an extra pair of pants and undies with me from now on...not sure what I was thinking...he had been doing so good with only undies (no Pull-Up) when we have gone out that I thought this may be one of those times. Well, live and learn. We ended up making 3 more trips to the potty through the movie. Addison did watch most of the movie but got a little antsy in his seat near the end. Aidan of course, is always a gem at the all I have to worry about with him is what he watches...he sees a "G" rating and usually will refuse to watch it. He is all about the "PG"...why does he want to see that stuff and grow up so fast? I like him watching movies about kids who save a bunch of dogs and do good in the world. *Sigh*

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Valentines Day 2009

No time for romance...Wes was sick with bronchitis and spent most of the day in bed.

I taught my first workshop on "Taking Better Photos" for a group of scrapbookers. I was nervous and talked so fast sometimes I had to stop talking so I could breathe. Thank God the ladies were able to laugh.

We made homemade heart pizza at my moms. It was fun...well for me...and Addison liked "decorating" his pizza too and actually "decorated" one for Asher too. After Aidan ate his he decided he wasn't such a good pizza "decorater"...maybe because his pizza consisted mainly of jalepenos and tomatoes?

I did a little photo session with Addison with a heart chocolate he got from Grandma Barb. Chocolate, white shirt...what was I thinking??

Wes bought me a fantastic gift...a light kit for photograpy. Not sure what to do with any of it but I guess those photography classes coming up will help me with that!

We gave the boys their little love gifts today (on Sunday) because there was too much going on yesterday. The little guys had fun playing with their Thomas trains and Aidan got right into his "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book. I love it when they get excited about things we think they might like!

Now, as my throat is super sore today I am praying it isn't strept throat which it feels like. Wes is at the doctor right now and our house if filled with sickness. Yuck. I hope we can all feel better to do something fun tomorrow for Family Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I don't know if you read the Comments section to my blog, but today a very special lady posted a link to exactly what I needed to read following my "Sigh" blog and yesterday. Check it out (I still don't know how to do the linky thing).

Thank you ET and thank you to the H and G too. I was telling Wes today that my blog is a blessing to me. Just another source to get the encouragement I need...thank you readers and thank you more to the commenters! You ladies rock my world!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I cried my make-up off in the church parking lot this morning.

I don't understand how Addison can get so OUT OF CONTROL.

I had a hard time falling back to sleep last night after Addison came into our room, anticipating that we had to be at Friendship Factor this morning (as I now sit on the committee).

Asher is sick so I kept him out of the nursery so as to not get the other kiddies sick. I kept him with me at FF and was really no help to the committee at all.

Addison pooped in his pull up in the nursery so they called me. After cleaning him up (and him refusing to go pee on the toilet) he was crying he wanted a Tim Bit (which he saw in the chapel as it was a brunch today). I told him we only get treats when we poop on the toilet. I ga e him the choice to go back and play with the kids or go home. This is how it started. I was carrying 30 lb. Asher and then Addison claims he has to pee. I became frustrated...what was I going to do with Asher while I held Addison up so he didn't "fall in" the big toilet? Help was all the way back in the Chapel and I knew Ash would cry the whole time I left him with someone anyways.

We left the church.

Addison was so out of control, he would not even sit in the stroller as I pushed Asher in it. I couldn't carry 40lb Addison while he was thrashing around and screaming while pushing the stroller.

6 ladies from another group outside the church stared at me as I pushed the double stroller with Addison screaming and half hanging out the stroller as fast as I could to the van.

I had to push down on Addison as hard as I could as he was extending his body straight so I couldn't do up his seat belt in his car seat. I can't believe his strength.

This is when the tears started flowing.

This is when I started praying.

I had no idea how to get him to stop.

It was like he was possessed by the Enemy.

I couldn't even drive I was crying so hard...I had to wait a few minutes til I got it out and the tears flowed without expression.

I wondered if someone had seen me in the parking lot what would they think.

I am at a loss right now...a loss for how to raise to be a good not to be a pushover because sometimes that is easier.

I am sitting amongst a mess of a kitchen as I wonder why I even try to go out of the house at all.

Do I do this to myself?

Do I turn my kids into that?

It was lik

Monday, February 9, 2009

Scrapbooking Weekend

Friday 2pm to Sunday 6pm away from home

No laundry, no cooking, no dishes...just eating, scapbooking and sleeping

4 ladies, one Yukon full of scrapbooking supplies

Late nights, early mornings, days of scrapbooking

Cricuts humming, music playing, friendly chatting

Free-hand Michelle



Ever so nice Jenny

24 single scrapbook pages completed!!!

Can't wait til October 23 to go again!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Boys Hit the Mountains

Well here I am reporting to you on my oldest boys adventure to Sunshine Village yesterday. Aidan had no school yesterday and today so Wes and Aidan headed up to the mountains to try out a little snowboarding. Wes took Aidan last year to the hill here in RD and he really liked it so Wes was excited to take him to the mountains. Well Wes said the morning was trying as Aidan had a hard time with the snowboard so in the afternoon they traded in the snowboard for skiis and had an awesome afternoon!! I keep thinking if Aidan can do it, I can do it!! It is funny how a 9 year old motivates me to try new things that are a little out of my "adventure zone." So, in April the 3 of us might give it a whirl! Look at my wonderful oldest boys...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bourne Family

I was honoured to take our friends Jesse and Loni's maternity photos this morning. They already have 2 little ones, Eden and Amaya and expect their new little blessing on or before February 19. They have done maternity photos with every pregnancy and Loni couldn't be a more beautiful pregnant person if you ask me! I was nervous about this photo shoot but am really happy with the results and I hope they are too! Loni takes amazing photos so the pressure was high...haha! I felt so comfortable taking these pictures and think they turned out 100 times better then the photos I took of Loni when she was pregnant with Eden. Photos just excite me...I love being behind my camera capturing moments through the lens!