Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Haircut

Pardon the interuption of the joy of Love project to take a look at our sweet little girl :)  Saturday was FIRST HAIRCUT day.  I took her to Beaners (fun cuts for kids) as her hair would constantly be in her eyes...this may have annoyed me more then Abigail :)  She seems to almost pull out her hair pretties as soon as she realizes they are there, so....off we went to get a trim.


During...yup I am loving the pink car...not to mention the stylists pink hairdo.

What would a girly haircut be without some pink sparkly gel added to the new do!  Yes, we did bring some of that sparkly goodness home with us along with some new hair pretties.  Oh how I love having a girl!

(Our little guys were quite disappointed that they couldn't come for a haircut too...is it weird that they LOVE getting their hair cut?  They go the Locker Room (hair place for "men") in which they get popcorn AND a sucker at the end of the trim.  Gotta love that haircuts are not a "battle" with them anymore :)


Emma said...

Love the new do!:)