Monday, February 7, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 4

Yes I know...I am behind in my assignments.  I have removed all pressure to get them done on "date" timelines so that I can enjoy the process so thank you for being patient with me :)

what they wear.

 This is our oldest boy...11 years old...Grade 6.  His new hair-do cut and styled into a "mow-hawk" as he writes it.  He was pretty pumped about getting this haircut, and despite my protests Big Daddy took him to the salon and he was so happy with the results.  I will admit I think he looks kinda cool.  So this is the hair style that he "wears" right now.

This  is Aidan walking out the door to catch the bus in the morning.  This is what he '"wears" to school:  He is loving lots of bright colors in his clothing, always laying a hoodie underneath his winter jacket so he can be super warm (or maybe his Mom makes him?) in our winter weather.  Almost always wearing a pair of jeans, most of them have holes/rips in the knee areas...yup he likes it like that.  His Nike 6.0 high-tops have mis-matched shoe laces (by his choice) with one bright pink and the other lace being bright purple.  This DC backpack we got him when we were in Las Vegas, and it has straps for hanging your skateboard on  your pack.  Once Spring comes I am excited to see him use this feature.  

I love our oldest boy soooo much and I am not afraid to yell it from the doorway as he leaves the house in the morning...I like that it brings a smile to his face.  Love you Sonshine!!