Thursday, February 3, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 3

Two blog posts in one day...I feel like Emma :)  And I thought with our niece here I wouldn't get on the computer...  Photo assignment day 3 (I am being upfront and confessing that neither of these photos were actually taken today...but it will have to do)

then and now.

 April 29, 2007:  His name then was Ashton (ask me about it sometime).  9 weeks premature, weighing 4lb. 3 oz. My love captured "then" on the morning of his birth.  Ventilated as he wasn't breathing well enough on his own to survive...

January 15, 2011:  His name now is Asher (meaning of Asher is "happy". Biblical: Asher, the eighth son of Jacob, was promised a life blessed with abundance).  Now he is almost 4 years old and is captured "now" having an afternoon nap on the couch.  He is sleeping because his big brother is at pre-school and is not "entertaining"  to keep him awake.  In this season of life he is best known for his amazingly long eyelashes, his "no thank-you's", his wanting to eat breakfast the minute he is awake, his Buzz Lightyear dance, his love for little babies and saying "oh he is sooo cute" in a high pitched voice, dressing himself in the morning and often putting every item of clothes on backwards, and his "I wuv you Mom, I wuv you Dad" repeatedly at bedtime.  Loooovin' this boy!


Emma said...

Who wouldn't love this little guy! Such a cutie:) I love when he says that about babies as he's peeking in the carseat, adorable!