Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 1

My dear friend Emma and I are embarking on a journey through willette photography & more on a free photography course.  I love the title and point of the month long session called "the joy of LOVE" and since JOY is my word for the year it ties in very nicely and the point of the course is to capture the love(s) of your life and each day there is a specific topic!  I have learned that I am motivated by others, so doing this assignment with someone each day helps hold me a little wee bit accountable :)

what they do.

Here is my chosen loved one for the day - my husband.  He does many things over the course of his day...a lot of things that don't involve us on the homefront as he works his paying job as a Realtor.  But, he by far exceeds every expectation I could ask for in a husband and a father to our 4 beautiful children.  He is always willing and enthusiastic about tucking the little guys into bed.  I love how I see them crawl into the same positions as they read their "Goodnight Warrior" devotions before bed.  

My husband may be titled by others (never us) a "step-father" to our oldest son, but in his heart Aidan is his son just as much as the rest of the kids.  I say that will 100 percent certainty.  The love and connection that my "older boys" have truly is a gift from God!  

So, today as the love of my life is celebrated on this blog post doing "what he does"....I want him to know that these moments with the kiddies have eternal value and are so very precious.  Thank you for your generous, open and loving heart Big Daddy Gies.  I pray our kids have these fond memories etched in their minds forever of their special Daddy-time.

Thank you Lord Jesus that you have given our family such a special man to be the head of our household.  I lift up Wes to you as a man after your own heart Lord.  May you continue to bless and keep him and let your glorious face shine upon him.  AMEN


Emma said...

Great pictures capturing a great Dad!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Love it!