Thursday, February 3, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 2

OK ok I am posting for yesterday, which was Day 2 of the joy of LOVE photo assignment.  You may have to be a bit forgiving as my computer time may be more limited then usual as our sweet little 2 year old niece is staying with us for the week.

how they look.

The above photos showcase another one of my loves and how she looks when:  it is after supper and time to get pajamas on.  She loves the freedom in running semi-nude and often becomes very silly.  Lots of running around the island in the kitchen and her brother join in with her as this seems to be the "fun time" around here. Amongst the 15 thousand prompts to "get your pajamas on" I took it all in last night and sat back with my camera trying to capture how she looks having fun and being silly.  I never want to forget that chub and how "thick" her legs are.  Looooovin' her at 15.5 months old!


Emma said...

Love these!!

Angela Tuton said...

Adorable photos Shauna. The time passes by so quickly. Enjoy the moments.