Thursday, November 6, 2008

crab legs

Here is Aidan with some New Brunswick "crab legs"...haha! We were at the ocean yesterday at Bouctouche (or something like that) and we saw many baby crab shells and even a few empty legs. I joked that Ginette should cook us some for supper...I loooove crab legs.

Some quick observations about my time in New Brunswick so far:

- the secondary highways here are verrrry bumpy and narrow and curvy, resulting in a tad bit of motion sickness for me
- people have their houses located very close to the secondary highways
- the tourist season is over, so many places close down (it is nice in the way that there aren't a tonne of tourists in your photos...but hard to find a decent restaurant outside of Moncton)
- all the powerlines are above ground here
- there are a lot of churches here...mostly baptist and anglican that we have seen (we went into Moncton today and saw 3 different churches in one close on each corner. A man saw us taking photos of the church and he offered us a personal tour, which we accepted. It was a tour of a very traditional Anglican church, interesting!)
- Lobster is priced at $6.50 per pound. We have yet to buy and eat some...although Ginette and Aidan enjoyed a "lobster roll" for lunch at a restaurant in Alma.

That is it for now...toodleoo from across the country!!