Friday, September 5, 2008


I have celebrated 500 visits to my blog, sometime between 10pm last night and 5pm today. I would say only 340 of them are from me checking to see if someone left me a comment...haha, just kidding. Thought I would celebrate this by letting you in on some things about me:

  1. I love "A" names and have wanted all my children's names to start with "A" since Aidan was born.
  2. Hence, I have the "A-Team" in Aidan, Addison and Asher.
  3. I have baby girls that start with "A" on the tip of my tongue at any given moment.
  4. I long for a baby girl.
  5. I want to paint little baby nails.
  6. I have painted my 2 year old son's toe nails at his request.
  7. I want to put "pretties" in a little girls hair.
  8. I want to get my little girls ears pierced.
  9. I want to use flower embellishments and the color pink on my scrapbook pages.
  10. I love my boyz and have a license plate to prove it.
  11. I am outnumbered as the only female in the house.
  12. I used to think I wanted a female dog to help balance out the genders.
  13. I changed my mind when I recently retired from being a dog owner.
  14. I used to go to Petland and look at the puppies 2-3 times a week.
  15. I once bought a puppy from Petland and named him "Oliver."
  16. He hated Wes and Wes hated him.
  17. I almost broke up with Wes when we were dating because he couldn't love Oliver like I did.
  18. Wes loved Aidan...what more could a single mom ask for?
  19. God put Wes in our path.
  20. Wes wouldn't give up on me, even though there was a time when I wanted to give up on him.
  21. I am so thankful he didn't give up on me.
  22. We have been through so much in almost 3 years.
  23. Our wedding anniversary is on September 11.
  24. We chose that day because that is when Pastors Ken & Neila could marry us and we weren't willing to wait any longer.
  25. We were married on a Sunday evening.
  26. I love Wes so much.
  27. It brings tears to my eyes if I even think of one of my boys dying.
  28. I don't fear death.
  29. I look forward to meeting Jesus.
  30. I love the Lord.
  31. I wish everyone loved the Lord.
  32. I often wonder why people don't want Him in their lives and don't understand it.
  33. I am so excited that Aidan can grow up with the Lord by his side.
  34. I sometimes wonder the person I would be today if I had the Lord by my side as I grew up.
  35. I am probably the most confident nowadays then any other year in the past.
  36. I used to be so shy I couldn't order off a menu at the restaurant as I didn't think I could talk to the server.
  37. Now I teach my children to order for themselves and give them the time to do so.
  38. I want to empower our children.
  39. I pray everyday for guidance to raise great children who turn into wonderful, kind, respectful adults.