Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mr. mom for a day and change!

Well..... In case you haven't already picked it up from the title, this is Mr. Shutterbugg Mom.
I thought I'd throw my two bits into this blog thingy, you ladies really like doing this stuff don't you. I personally can't see what the big deal is, but whatever!

My wife! Where do I even begin.... I suppose a more appropriate title like," The bestest mom/wife in the world", may suit this blog entry a little better. I so appreciate my little shutterbugg mom and the wonderful job she does as a,"Shutterbugg" mom, sister, daughter and especially wife! I have the privilege of watching our boys on a solo mission, last night and all day today. I call it a privilege because It`s not often I get to taste being,``The Lone Ranger``. As trying as it can be, it`s still a privilege. However, I think the best illustration of watching are little boys without backup is like getting thrown into a deep lake, without a life-jacket and you can't swim either! If that doesn't paint the picture for you, I'm not sure what will. The point I would like to make is.... there's no way I could do the job you do sweetheart! Thank you, thank you, thank you.......Thank you for being the most under paid-over worked person on the planet. (hmmm, not much of a complement is it!) Thank you for getting up at all hours of the night and still having a smile on your face in the A.M! Thank you for being able to laugh at Addison peeing all over the rug! Thank you for being okay with puke all over your shirt. In short, You're da bestest!
I don`t know if I`ve said that enough to you. Countless times I think it, just not sure if I communicate it.

So to wrap up my little blog entry, us Mr. Shutterbugg`s do appreciate you Mrs. Shutterbugg`s out there! It may take a,`drowning experience` ,but we do. Thank you to all momma`s out there. We love ya!
Have a wonderful weekend scrapbookin` I can`t wait to have you home!
P.S. Addison thinks peeing on the rug is fun!


Barb said...

Ok Mr. Shutterbug.... you are one great daddy and hubby....I don't know you, but takes a great guy to go on his wife's blog and say all that.... Way to Go.... and way to go watching those boys so Shauna can have some 'Shauna time'.......
Shauna you are sure lucky to have such a great guy who appreciates you so much.