Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Waterpark Fun!

Big smiles for the birthday boy!

Catching the waves...I actually had fun doing this until my tube tipped and I ended up under the water for a bit...can we say panic attack?

One view of the Waterpark...Wes went on the red slide...

Wes' feet after landing from the purple slide in the photo above...he claims to have lost his trunks in this photo (too bad all we see is feet)

My two older boys...boy I love them!!!

We had a fantastic time at the WEM World Waterpark on Sunday! Wes, Aidan and I went to Edmonton while my parents were ever so generous to watch the 2 little guys for us so we could have some "one to one" time with Aidan. We spent about 5 hours at the park then went and "tried" to do a little shopping in the mall (crazy busy place) which wasn't that fun because of all the masses of people. Aidan was still happy as he bought an Ipod shuffle. Oh and I saw the cutest ever Halloween costumes for the little guys at the Disney Store (I LOVE DISNEY) but Wes talked me out of buying them for $40 each...it really wouldn't have been a "smart" purchase, but it sure would have been cute in the photos (that is how a scrapbookers mind works).

So, back to our water fun...it was fun while it still wasn't too busy. As usual, Wes was the bravest of us all and went down the big red slide...crazy guy! He also taught Aidan an interesting "bum slide on cement" as we were leaving....boy he makes me laugh...still such a kid at 30 years old and our boys just love it!! I just laugh and shake my head but secretly (ok not so secret anymore) love that he has fun like that and respect his loving kiddy heart! Overall it was a great day...ending with a fabulous dinner at Olive Garden (after an 1.5 hour wait mind you) but we had great company as Aidan's Auntie Amanda, Uncle Shawn, UncleColin, and Auntie Jenny joined us to celebrate Aidan's birthday as well.


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