Wednesday, September 17, 2008

birthday present

I turned 32 years old on August 17. Not a whole lot happened on my birthday...we went for a stressful breakfast to McDonalds with Wes' parents before we drove back from my sisters wedding in Canmore, I had a "birthday nap" in the afternoon, Wes made our family supper, and then my parents and baba (pretty special that my baba was here) came over for cake...turtle cheesecake...yum! A few days before my birthday I talked the boys into getting my birthday present present, ok all the presents took me off guard. One that touched me most was a personalized liscence plate that reads "MY BOYZ" all I got was a piece of paper saying that it had been ordered...I waited a long 4 weeks to receive it in the mail. I absolutely love it. What an awesome gift! I love my boyz so much!
If you see a black Honda Odyssey with this license plate please honk and wave...waving is a kind I rarely see :)


Barb said...

That is so sweet that they got you that....and I love the name...
Hey maybe MY BOYZ will have to get together with SPOTLIS???? LOL