Sunday, September 7, 2008


Did you know that I absolutely love Sundays? My day starts off right by attending church and boy does it feel soooo good to worship the Lord and hear more on His word. I wish I could do that every single day...maybe then it wouldn't feel so special...I don't know.

Sundays ususally consist of us getting some sort of take out for lunch (Wendy's today) and then we ate at my parents because we were picking up the little guys. Once home time for the little ones and Mommy to have a little siesta (which always feels so wonderful when I know my husband is listening and attending to the kids). I wake up to Wes playing outside with Aidan and I got Addison ready to get out there and a little hockey game begins. I can see this being a regular occurrence around our house...and as soon as Ash is walking I am sure he will be right in there as well. I love seeing Wes playing with our brings joy to my heart! He is such a great Dad!

Then we met some friends at the park and the kids played and we kind of had a conversation. Between pushing kids on swings, and changing poopie diapers we did get some opportunities for some adult conversation. I took a few photos...of which I tried to upload but it isn't working for me here...might have something to do with how large the photos are as I am using the new camera now and I think I might have to change something in the picture size setting? I edited some of the photos this evening and want to show you....but I can' frustrating! Well my husband is waiting for me upstairs so I should say Bonne Nuit!

P.S. Taking photos makes me happy!!