Friday, September 12, 2008

Missing my Friend

This is my bestest friend Ginette and her family. Husband Andrew, son Shaun and daughter Alexa. Ya, I like to say that they named their first born after me...although he was a boy so "Shaun" would do :) And the "Alexa" name...well you all know how well those "A" names are adored by me so sweet little Alexa steals my heart!

Ginette and I have been great friends since meeting at Grant MacEwan College in 1996. She helped me stay motivated to learn...motivated to get great marks, motivated to watch Beverly Hills 90210, motivated to be kind, and motivated to be ok to cry. She is the biggest crier I know :) I absolutley love her sensitive nature and heart. I remember going to watch "Titanic" at the movie theatre with her and as she walked quickly in front of me as we left the theatre, I thought...why is she walking so fast? Why is she turning her head away from me? Why? Because she was crying...all the way to the car and she didnt' want me to see. This was the beginning of many tears shed.
In May Ginette and her family of four moved to Shediac, New Brunswick. We have always had a distance kind of friendship except when we both went to College in Edm. Ginette went on to obtain her degree in Community Rehab. and I stayed in Edm to work and get married (for the first time). So all in all we have spent many many minutes on the phone and visits at her house or ours. So yesterday we had our weekly phone call (never a short conversation) and this morning I woke up with a heavy heart. She was on my mind. I miss her. It is just hitting me now that she is all the way across the country and I have to fly 7 hours to see her. It isn't that easy to drive an hour and a half to Calgary to visit. So...I miss you bestest and long-time friend!
May our wonderful Lord bless and keep you and your family G...I love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Shauna.... Thanks for the note about 'me'!! I am so blessed to have you as my best friend.
Although I haven't said it out loud yet, I do miss you guys an awful lot too. I was just thinking the other day how good it will be to see you again. I can't wait, and I think we have to plan something soon so I know it is in the works!
I was going to call you this morning, as I didn't think I could wait until next week again... our hearts must have been connected!

Better check on the kids.... we'll chat again soon!!
Love you more!
p.s. Let the truth be known... tears flow easily with this girl ;)