Monday, September 8, 2008

Grade 4

Well it has been one week since Aidan started Grade 4. I was really excited to take him to school, it is kind of one of those events I love to do with my kids and get anxious and excited for...kinda like their birthdays, Christmas, etc. I would probably cry if I had to miss his first day of school for some reason. He was even co-operative with my photo taking. I think he is starting to learn that taking photos makes me happy and so he poses for me. As long as he will do it, I will do it. He was pretty pumped to find out he was in Miss McLean's class, he had been saying he wanted her as a teacher since last year.
There were other moms in the classroom with cameras too, and I pointed that out to Aidan just so he wouldn't feel like it was only him who had to go through all of this photo taking.
The pose by the Mountview sign was a little tough for students and parents stood around watched...I said "but we have a photo in front of this sign for every is so cool" (and of course I am thinking of my scrapbook) and he is ready to run...but he doesn't :)

So today I asked him if he wanted me to come and help in his classroom every Friday afternoon (if that worked for the teacher as Wes is off work on Fridays) and he kind of hmmm'ed and haaa'ed about it. Then he says "well it depends what we are doing." Hmm...Wes tried to prepare me for this...saying there might come a point where he doesn't think it is cool to have his mom there...*sigh* Already though? I told him to think about it today and we would talk about it after school.


The Beys said...

Aidan was a good sport with the picture taking! Great pics:) I hope he lets you help out in his class this year!!