Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun in the Playroom

Once upon a time two boys were in our play room "playing." The two boys have a magnificent mommy who thought things were sounding much too quiet so she went to check things out....something told her to bring her camera with her and this is what she found... Addison opened the basement bathroom door and was "cleaning." "Mommy, I clean it..." he tells the Mommy. What a kind brother the Mommy thinks...he is washing his baby brothers hair...who wouldn't love a shampoo and hair wash in the middle of play time? Well Addison decided his "horsie" needed a wash he was suddsing (is that a word?) the saddle... Hmmm...had to find the source of water. Addison was so impressed with himself and pointed the toilet water out to me like a trooper, bragging about his "bubbles" while the hand soap lay on the floor nearby.
Ooohh...sometimes I just have to take a deep breath....ok a lot of time I do that....sometimes I start hyper-ventalating. These boys sure keep their Mommy on her toes. Everyone lived happily ever after after a minor "clean up" from Mom.
The End


Barb said...

this is priceless....LOL...oh my.... love it... isn't life with little boys so interesting??LOL

hey it was great seeing you today at FF

The Beys said...

Oh Shauna...good for you for seeing the humour and snapping some pics instead of losing your cool!! Hope you had some moments of peace this afternoon while you got your hair styled:)