Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall Fair

Asher got his first sucker from Grandma Linda at the RD County Fair today!

My Mom works at the Red Deer County office and for the past couple of years we have gone to the Fall Fair that they put on for people to learn more about what the County of RD has to offer. Sure I would love to live on an acreage...yes I really would. My husband though? Not so much! He likes the city...there is someone to talk to at any given moment and he loves that. Anyhoo, off we go to the Fall Fair this was had by all. This is a photo of Addison laughing at the "Flying Bob" performance. He was quite amused by this guy.
As you can see he is right up there with him, watching and laughing...the audience is on Addison's left...what a fan!!

As a "Shutterbugg Mom" I posed Addison by this fire truck...isn't he just adorable?

There was a live owl there...and guess who had to give it a kiss? You got it...Addison! He is kissing everything nowadays!

A ride for our nephew Zachary, Addison and Asher in the Markerville Creamery tractor. This was a big hit for Addison last year too but this year he got to sit on a big cream can, not in the box like Asher. So cute!